Berlín de San Ramón From The Air!

This is probably a bit self-indulgent, but I was really excited when I took my most recent flight out of Costa Rica. Sure, my baby was flying for the first time, but I also saw my house from the plane!


I don’t want to get too detailed about which house is ours, but it is there. The reason I’m keeping it “semi-secret” is because one time when we were on vacation in China our house got robbed, so I also avoid saying beforehand when we’re going to be out of town. Still, it’s pretty cool to see your own house from a plane, you have to admit. We often see planes flying over Berlín, the little town in the mountains where I live, even though it’s about 45 km from the airport. I guess it has something to do with flight paths. I’d actually even seen the area around Berlin and its towers (which are fairly well-known, fairly well-huge, and the way I can find the place quickly), but I’d not actually seen my own house.

Anyhow, you can also see that it is indeed an incredibly rural place where we live. When I say I live on a mountain in Central America, surrounded by coffee fields, I’m not kidding. In fact, our town isn’t really even a town, it’s more of a series of houses along a road. But oh well.


How about you–what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen from a plane? Here’s a bonus picture of some windmills that I saw right before our house:


Thanks for reading!

Costa Rican Food: Chorreadas de Elote

I was eating at my in-laws’ house the other day when my mother-in-law gave me this:


If you don’t know what that is, then you don’t know Costa Rica. It’s a chorreada, also called a chorreada de elote. Actually, it’s three of them. It’s basically ground fresh corn that’s cooked like a pancake and served with heavy sour cream. They’re quite tasty, although my wife claims they make you fart. You can be the judge.

In any case, I wanted to share the picture, and include this link to a post I wrote on my personal blog a few years ago. If you want to make these at home, they’re very easy, and the post has pictures and step-by-step instructions to make them. I’m pretty sure it’s corn season in some parts of the world, so give it a shot! If you do try them out, tell me how it goes!

Thanks for reading, and buen provecho!