How To Speak Costa Rican: Calendar Anomalies

If you ever make plans with someone in Costa Rica, there's obviously a good chance you'll have to talk about when you're going to meet. In English, if it's Monday, January 1st, and you want to meet up on Monday, January 8th, you can say something like "Let's meet next Monday," "Let's meet on the 8th," or "Let's meet a week from today." It's a bit different here. Instead of saying "a week from today" or "two weeks from today," people here say "de hoy en ocho" ("from today in eight [days]") or "de Read more [...]

La Presidente

Laura Chinchilla, the President of Costa Rica. She's actually surprisingly short in person. So much so that I invented a song called "Tiny President," to the tune of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." I really wish I'd not done that. Update: After talking to Lucy, I feel like a fool for missing the most obvious and excellent caption for this picture: "Ich bin ein Berlíner." I had originally planned to write a general post about life in Costa Rica, but then this last Friday something unusual happened: Read more [...]

Costa Rica Isn’t Puerto Rico!? (Plus Four Other Useful Tips)

If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, or even if you're just curious about the country, there are a few things that you should know before you come here. Here's a crash course in the top five important things to know about Costa Rica that came to my mind as I wrote this: 1. Costa Rica is not Puerto Rico. This is a controversial point, but no matter how much you try to insist on this issue, you'll notice that the normally easygoing Costa Ricans won't budge on this matter. With this fact also Read more [...]

Costa Rica Outsider

Welcome to Costa Rica Outsider! My name is Ryan Sitzman, and I'm the main writer for this site. I want to quickly explain what this site is about. Costa Rica Outsider is about Costa Rica: its culture, its customs, its people, its food, its places, and its idiosyncrasies. I decided to start this website after noticing that there was something new and fascinating every time I turned my head in this small Central American country I have come to call home. Many things I've noticed here can be wonderful, Read more [...]