Five Things That Make Me Uneasy About This Milk In A Bag

The other day I went to the pulpería on the way home from work. Just so you know, a pulpería is like a Costa Rican convenience store, although quite a bit less convenient. I'll really have to do a separate post about them sometime. But the point is this: they sell basic foods, and they're in most little towns in Costa Rica. They also usually have better hours than a supermarket, so you can do things like picking up milk on the way home from work at 9:50 pm. Which is exactly what I did. But instead Read more [...]

Come On Feel The Ruido: Dancing Man

You may remember a post from a few weeks ago that included a video of a man with a microphone yelling into an empty street in an attempt to attract people into a shoe store. What? You've forgotten about that? Well, you can read the post here, and the video is here. Old news, I know. But there was an interesting development in Costa Rican noise-making technology last Saturday! The shoe store obviously couldn't have had another anniversary sale so soon (unless it was something ridiculous like a Read more [...]

Buggin’ Out: Abejones (Beetles)

Hello! This will be the first post in a series highlighting some of the weird, gross, annoying, and fascinating little bichos (bugs) in Costa Rica. Although this country has a lot of interesting insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and polyglots, I realize that a lot of people are turned off by such creatures. Therefore, I'll try to keep these posts short and focus on the creatures that are truly typical and common to living in Costa Rica, as well as the ones that are just strange or even funny. Today Read more [...]

Franklin Chang-Díaz(!!)

I had trouble coming up with a snappy title for this post. Normally when that happens, it's because I can't think of a good title, but this time, I kept thinking of all kinds of great titles! Among the titles I rejected: -Franklin Chang-Díaz: A Real American Hero -Battlestar GalacTICO! -"Rocket Man": Franklin Chang-Díaz -Costa Rica's One-Man Space Program -Costa Rican(s) In Space! -Franklin Chang-Díaz: A Real Spacey Guy -Franklin Chang-Díaz: The John Elway of the Costa Rican Space Program -Franklin Read more [...]

Come On Feel The Ruido: Speaker Cars

"You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements." --Norman Douglas,South Wind I'm not sure how "deep" that quote is, but I like it. As we saw in a previous post about "shock and awe"-style advertising campaigns, if you want to sell something in Costa Rica, it's best not to be too subtle in your techniques. Grab a hold of that microphone, turn the volume up to 11, and go to town --just keep shouting until you force potential customers into submission (and into your store). But what if Read more [...]