Black Hole Fun

(Sorry, I know the title is dorky, but it's Friday, and I was feeling in a Soundgarden-type of mood). Anyhow! I wanted to put up a post today to report on the newest fad in Central America: sinkholes! You may remember the gigantic hole in Guatemala City that swallowed a whole city block a few years ago, and now Costa Rica has one of its own (although apparently we shouldn't be calling these sinkholes if they're from man-made stupidity and not nature, as the one in Costa Rica seems to be, too). Read more [...]

Where The Streets Have No Name (Literally)

Did you ever hear the U2 song "Where The Streets Have No Name"? When I used to hear that song, I wondered what they were talking about; were they just using the title as a sort of metaphor or analogy? If so, what did they mean? Was it saying that we're all "lost" in some kind of existential sense? Was it about finding oneself amid the chaos of the world today? Or was it an anthem again traffic sign vandalism in Dublin? Now I think I finally understand: Bono was probably just singing about getting Read more [...]


I've been slow to post things in the last few weeks, but I'll try to make up for it with a few shorter posts in the weeks to come. I wanted to write this short post about Costa Rican food/fruit since a student gave me this today: "What is it?" you may be asking, "It looks like a mix between a pear and an apple." It's called a manzana de agua, which literally translates to "water apple." And in fact, it is close to what an actual mix between a pear and an apple might be like. The taste is even Read more [...]