Weekend Update: Rice, Beans, and Telephone Scams

Things here in Costa Rica are going well and there's not too much to report. However, I did come across an interesting cooking blog post this week on a blog called "Cocina Costarricense" ("Costa Rican Cooking"). As you may remember, I've mentioned Costa Rica's love for rice and beans before. In fact, it's their national dish, and it even has a name: Gallo Pinto ("Painted Roster," but don't try to make sense of the name, since there's no sense to be found there). It's about as tasty as a fairly Read more [...]

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Just a quick thought/question. I found this stylin' pair of Adidas on shoes.com: I thought they were pretty nice, actually...at first. I've got some black shoes very much like these, but I was looking for some white ones since my other daily shoes are starting to fall apart, and it's nice to have a backup pair. I thought white would be nice, and I like the red and blue a lot, too. However, if you think about it for a second... Oh no! That's the exact same design as the Costa Rican flag! Read more [...]

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Today is Mother's Day in Costa Rica. It's a day when families come together to honor their mothers by sitting around and drinking the traditional Mother's Day drink: alcohol. Whether your family drinks Imperial or Pilsen depends on your individual family's traditions, as does your choice of mixers with whiskey (some families swear by Coke, while my in-laws prefer ginger ale). In fact, to the untrained eye, Mother's Day can look quite a lot like Father's Day. Today we'll discuss a few ways to tell Read more [...]


What do you know about Panama? If your answer is "Nothing," "Very little," or "I've heard the Van Halen song of the same name, but that's all," then don't worry, that's pretty standard. I'm the same way, and I've even been to Panama a few times. The only reason I'm talking about Panama on a site called Costa Rica Outsider is because Panama is Costa Rica's neighbor (remember, Costa Rica isn't an island and no matter how hard you think about it, nothing short of a staggeringly huge earthquake will Read more [...]

The Virgin of Los Angeles

I know what you're thinking: "There are virgins in Los Angeles??" Well, probably not, but that's not the Los Angeles or the virgin we're talking about here today. I'm talking about the Virgin, María, and her avid fan base in Costa Rica. "La Vírgen de los Ángeles," in case you really weren't paying attention at all in junior high school Spanish class, means "the virgin of the angels." If you're interested, you can read more here, but she's basically an incarnation of Mary. She's also the Read more [...]