Welcome to Costa Rica Outsider! My name is Ryan Sitzman, and I’m the writer for this site. Costa Rica Outsider is about Costa Rica: its culture, its customs, its people, its food, its places, and its idiosyncrasies. I decided to start this website after noticing that there was something new and fascinating every time I turned my head in this small Central American country I have come to call home.

Many things I’ve noticed here can be wonderful, like the genuine hospitality or the views at the top of a volcano. Other things are culturally significant and different from other countries, like Costa Rica’s love for machetes and its baffling bureaucracy. Other things are bizarre or funny, like people riding bicycles on freeways, or mannequins with ridiculously huge breasts.

At this point you may be thinking, “Outsider? Why outsider? Shouldn’t I go to an insider for my Costa Rica information?” Good point! I suppose I am an insider, in the sense that I do live in Costa Rica, and I’ve been living and working here for over five years. I’m also married to a Costa Rican. However, I’m not originally from Costa Rica, so I may notice things that sometimes escape the attention of people who are from here.

This isn’t necessarily a tourism site, though, and I can only vouch for my own opinions and observations, which will be plentiful here. Please also remember that this site is for entertainment; you may indeed find information relevant to your own trip, but my main goal here is to provide my readers with a lighthearted yet interesting and truthful look at Costa Rica.

Thanks for checking out the site. If you have questions, comments, or ideas for future topics, please feel free to email me at costaricaoutsider[at]gmail.com .


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ryan, nice to see ANOTHER blog authored by you hehe…

    I must say that I find really interesting the irony and sarcasm that you transmit in some of your posts (like the one of the tiny little president 😛 ).

    Hope to see more posts here that hopefully will open my eyes about the country where I live.

  2. Hi Arturo!

    Thanks for the comment– you’re a good Costa Rican, and you set a shining example for all your compatriots by reading this blog! (Just imagine me saying that in the president’s voice).

    Anyhow, thanks for checking out the blog–I also saw that you had a new blog, so I’ll be following that!

    Take care,

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