An Interesting Article About Costa Rica

Hello! It's been a while since I wrote a post, but that's mainly because the last post, asking whether Costa Rica was the "happiest country in the world," got a lot of interest, at least based on the standards of this blog. I was happy to get so many comments, both on the site and in person, so thanks to everyone who read it. I also wanted to share this article from The Independent in England that's been going around. It gives a good overview about Costa Rica and why it's perhaps unique, although Read more [...]

Citizen Sitzman

What has two thumbs and is now officially a Costa Rican? THIS GUY! I recently got Costa Rican citizenship (but without the intention of giving up my American citizenship, dear reader...and dear reader at the American Embassy!). I got it because after being married to a Costa Rican and residing in the country for two years, it's given to people who ask for it. So I asked for it, mainly because I hated renewing my residency every few years, which was an annoying and costly process. So now I Read more [...]


Hello! Or should I perhaps say... ¡Hola!* It's been a while since I posted anything to this site, but I've been traveling the last two months and it was difficult to find the time to blog. But we're back safe and sound, so now I'm here to shake out Costa Rica Outsider and let it get a bit of fresh air, you know, to get the dust and mold off of it. Speaking of mold, it's actually one of my personal least-favorite downsides of living in Costa Rica. I've talked, written, complained, and whined Read more [...]