Citizen Sitzman

What has two thumbs and is now officially a Costa Rican?


Note: Please do me a favor and imagine me using my thumbs to point at myself. Otherwise the “joke” doesn’t really work.


I recently got Costa Rican citizenship (but without the intention of giving up my American citizenship, dear reader…and dear reader at the American Embassy!). I got it because after being married to a Costa Rican and residing in the country for two years, it’s given to people who ask for it. So I asked for it, mainly because I hated renewing my residency every few years, which was an annoying and costly process. So now I don’t need to do that, and I guess it could have other benefits, too. For example, Angela paid a lot less for her Chinese visa than I did. She also didn’t need any kind of visa or entry fee for Turkey or Argentina, but I did. So even though (or maybe specifically because) Costa Rica is a borderline “third world” country according to some measurements, membership can have its privileges… or so I hope! I guess we’ll see…


OK, I’ll admit this document is actually pretty nice. Especially since most official documents in Costa Rica are laughably bad and chintzy-looking (think dot-matrix printed documents covered in both rubber and postage-style stamps). I almost feel like framing this, but I’d be worried it’d get mold and/or stolen.

Anyhow, I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but things have been busy. That’s the nature of bureaucracy, after all! But I’m hoping to post more in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for reading!

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