I’ve been slow to post things in the last few weeks, but I’ll try to make up for it with a few shorter posts in the weeks to come. I wanted to write this short post about Costa Rican food/fruit since a student gave me this today:

A “manzana de agua” or “water apple.” Photo by Ryan Sitzman

“What is it?” you may be asking, “It looks like a mix between a pear and an apple.” It’s called a manzana de agua, which literally translates to “water apple.” And in fact, it is close to what an actual mix between a pear and an apple might be like. The taste is even pretty close to what you might imagine such a fruit (“pepple“? “appear“?) would taste like. It’s got a certain pear-ish grittiness, but the skin on the outside is pretty soft and easy to break. For a fruit with “water” in its name, you’d expect it to be really juicy, but there it confounds us, since they’re usually quite dry and soft, with a texture almost like a crisp sponge cake. Oh, and the kicker is that it sort of tastes like roses smell. It’s truly weird, but also truly tasty.

It reminds me a bit of “limones,” which translates as “lemons,” but can really be used to describe what seems like almost any kind of citrus fruit vaguely close to a lemon. For example, people here in Berlín would call this a lemon:

A lemon by any other name would taste as tangy. Photo by Ryan Sitzman.

Yes, a “lemon” that’s green on the outside (it’s ripe, believe it or not; I took this picture right before I ate it) and orange on the inside. This picture actually reminds me of the cover of Freakonomics.

In any case, I’m getting off track: it was very nice of my student to give me the manzana de agua, since he even told me it was the first one on their tree this year –thanks, Chuz! It was actually the best one I’d ever had, and it was even juicy!

Thanks to the rest of you for reading, and have a nice week!

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