New Denver-Costa Rica Flight Coming!


This is good news for any fellow Coloradans looking to visit Costa Rica: United will be starting direct flights between Denver and both San Jose and Liberia, Costa Rica in December! That’s much nicer than going through Houston (where immigration is terrible), Dallas, or Miami, and it’ll mean you don’t have to spend an entire day traveling in each direction, since a direct flight takes about 5 or 6 hours. You can read more here.

Previously, the only direct Denver-Costa Rica flights were on Frontier, but they seem absolutely determined to make everything about flying with them as unpleasant as possible. Plus, they stopped the San Jose flights and apparently only fly to Liberia once a week now, anyhow, so they’re not really a viable option.

In any case, hopefully this is good news about United!


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2 thoughts on “New Denver-Costa Rica Flight Coming!

  1. Hooray! This is potentially great news for those of us pretend-Iowans who obviously need to visit Costa Rica more often, too. Denver is a good connector – it’s one of only, like, 11 places you can fly to directly from Des Moines.

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