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Hi everyone! I’ve got some good news: the new episode of Tico-ish is up! In it, Christa from Pura Vida Moms and I talk about shopping in Costa Rica.

I also have some great news: with my new headphones, the audio on my side doesn’t sound like I recorded it in a garbage can on the moon!

Finally, there’s a bit of bad news: you still have to deal with my voice. And I guess you’ll have to continue to deal with my voice until we acquire the technology to give me a clear, better-sounding, more-powerful voice. I’m thinking Liam Neeson’s voice, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Beyonce’s.

Anyhow, this episode has a lot of information about what it’s like to go shopping in Costa Rica. You may not really think about that, especially if you don’t live here, but it’s pretty different than many other places I’ve bought things. If I had to put it into one word, I’d choose “convoluted.”

I mentioned the high prices for many things, as well as the frustration that you have to constantly interact with people and ask for every little thing in most stores. But I should have also made it clearer that from a language learner’s perspective, that’s actually a good advantage┬ásince it forces you to learn a lot of new vocabulary.

Still, I once had to buy two single baby suppositories (here they often just use a pair of scissors to cut what you need out of a package of pills), and that was a bit of an ordeal. I had never used them before, let alone administered them to a baby, and the woman at the pharmacy also seemed a bit embarrassed to have to explain to me how to administer them. So it’s good for vocabulary, but not always good for dignity.

Anyhow, have a watch/listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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  1. Really Sitzman, what happened with the suppositories is that the lady thought they were for you. So…
    Convoluted is a great word.
    Where did you get that great graphic, and what program did you use? I need to lean all about that.
    Cheers, and great post!

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