Costa Rican Food: Rice and Beans

Quick, how do you say "rice and beans" in Spanish? Arroz con frijoles? Frijoles con arroz? Well, those are both kind of right, but if you're in the Caribbean part of Costa Rica, you just say "Rice and Beans." Sure, the pronunciation is a bit different, maybe a little more staccato, but the real difference is in the flavor. I've mentioned before that in many ways, Costa Rican cooking is somewhat bland, at least for my tastes. When people visit, they expect it to be like Mexican food, but are Read more [...]

Weekend Update: Rice, Beans, and Telephone Scams

Things here in Costa Rica are going well and there's not too much to report. However, I did come across an interesting cooking blog post this week on a blog called "Cocina Costarricense" ("Costa Rican Cooking"). As you may remember, I've mentioned Costa Rica's love for rice and beans before. In fact, it's their national dish, and it even has a name: Gallo Pinto ("Painted Roster," but don't try to make sense of the name, since there's no sense to be found there). It's about as tasty as a fairly Read more [...]

Costa Rica Isn’t Puerto Rico!? (Plus Four Other Useful Tips)

If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, or even if you're just curious about the country, there are a few things that you should know before you come here. Here's a crash course in the top five important things to know about Costa Rica that came to my mind as I wrote this: 1. Costa Rica is not Puerto Rico. This is a controversial point, but no matter how much you try to insist on this issue, you'll notice that the normally easygoing Costa Ricans won't budge on this matter. With this fact also Read more [...]