Berlín de San Ramón From The Air!

This is probably a bit self-indulgent, but I was really excited when I took my most recent flight out of Costa Rica. Sure, my baby was flying for the first time, but I also saw my house from the plane! I don't want to get too detailed about which house is ours, but it is there. The reason I'm keeping it "semi-secret" is because one time when we were on vacation in China our house got robbed, so I also avoid saying beforehand when we're going to be out of town. Still, it's pretty cool to see your Read more [...]

La Presidente

Laura Chinchilla, the President of Costa Rica. She's actually surprisingly short in person. So much so that I invented a song called "Tiny President," to the tune of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." I really wish I'd not done that. Update: After talking to Lucy, I feel like a fool for missing the most obvious and excellent caption for this picture: "Ich bin ein Berlíner." I had originally planned to write a general post about life in Costa Rica, but then this last Friday something unusual happened: Read more [...]