Costa Rican Food: Flor de Itabo

I had meant to write this post about a Costa Rican food specialty back in April, but to be honest I simply forgot. I was going to then wait until next April to write it, but I figured I'd just forget it again. Plus, it's not like most people who read this will have access to flor de itabo if they're outside of Costa Rica. So, since it's more of a curiosity, I'll just talk about it now. As you can probably get from the name, it's a type of flower, and it blooms from a spiky, yucca-like Read more [...]

Meet The Meat: Tongue

If you go to the meat counter at most any Costa Rican supermarket, you're likely to come across this: That's right, it's cow tongues! In the future I'll be posting more articles about Costa Rican food, but I wanted to mention a few general things about Costa Rican cuisine first. As we saw before, geographically, Costa Rica is not Puerto Rico. In that same vein, culinarily, Costa Rica is not Mexico, no matter how hard you wish it to be. In general Costa Rican food is definitely not spicy, Read more [...]