Come On Feel The Ruido: Dancing Man

You may remember a post from a few weeks ago that included a video of a man with a microphone yelling into an empty street in an attempt to attract people into a shoe store. What? You've forgotten about that? Well, you can read the post here, and the video is here. Old news, I know. But there was an interesting development in Costa Rican noise-making technology last Saturday! The shoe store obviously couldn't have had another anniversary sale so soon (unless it was something ridiculous like a Read more [...]

Come On Feel The Ruido: Speaker Cars

"You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements." --Norman Douglas,South Wind I'm not sure how "deep" that quote is, but I like it. As we saw in a previous post about "shock and awe"-style advertising campaigns, if you want to sell something in Costa Rica, it's best not to be too subtle in your techniques. Grab a hold of that microphone, turn the volume up to 11, and go to town --just keep shouting until you force potential customers into submission (and into your store). But what if Read more [...]

Come On Feel The Ruido: If You Give A Man A Microphone…

Costa Rica is sometimes a loud country. In fact, a lot of Latin America can get pretty loud, and that's one of the first things you notice as an outsider. When I lived in Colorado I grew up inĀ one of those neighborhoods where all the streets have Spanish names, for no explicable reason. Our house was close to a street called "Ruidosa." I didn't know any Spanish at the time, so I was surprised later to discover that "Ruidosa" means "noisy." I was surprised because it was one of the quietest places Read more [...]