Tico-ish Episode 4: The Best Places in La Fortuna

Update 2016-07-30: We mentioned several places in the video. Since I wrote this post, Christa wrote more information about her favorite places to eat in La Fortuna, and I wrote this post about Kalambu, the hot springs water park I mentioned in the video. Thanks!

Ticoish Episode #004 Best Places in La Fortuna

This week on Tico-ish Christa from Pura Vida Moms and I decided to talk about one of our favorite places to visit in Costa Rica: La Fortuna!

It’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country for both domestic and international visitors, mainly because of its volcano (Arenal), the lagoon and lake, some great hanging bridges, and the many hot springs. It’s always a nice place to visit and since it’s changing constantly, there’s always something new and fun to see.

In this episode we talk about:

  • A quick overview of La Fortuna and Arenal
  • Some of our favorite hot springs and restaurants to visit
  • Why La Fortuna is fun and unique
  • Other cool things to do nearby
  • Christa’s top restaurant tips
  • A note about how we’ll alternate posting on each of our blogs every other week (obviously this week is my week)

Also, this episode at least has mostly better sound quality on my end (mostly–I sound like an alien a few times), although I do apologize for the poor image quality. It was raining when we recorded and that seems to mess up our internet. But you don’t really need to look at my dumb face anyhow, so it’s OK.

Oh, and I mentioned that the day before we recorded I had visited a new hot springs park near the volcano…look for a review of that visit coming soon!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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2 thoughts on “Tico-ish Episode 4: The Best Places in La Fortuna

  1. Love your blog!!! So glad I found it!! I can’t wait to get back to Costa Rica. We just got back from La Fortuna, eager to visit the other parts of the country!

    • Hi Chandra,

      Thanks very much for the comment! You’re right, La Fortuna and the whole rest of the country is great. Thanks for checking out the blog and if you have any suggestions about more places you’d like to read about, let me know.

      Thanks again,

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