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Costa Rica Outsider has teamed up with Pura Vida Moms to create a video series called “Tico-ish.” Ryan, the owner of this site, and Christa, the owner of Pura Vida Moms, have been friends since junior high school, and in a weird twist of fate worthy of an 80s movie, they both married people from San Ramon, Costa Rica!

Ryan lives in Costa Rica with his family and Christa lives in Colorado with her family, but that doesn’t stop them from talking together about Costa Rica every week or two. The videos talk about all sorts of things related to Costa Rica including culture, tourism, food, health, customs, and other things that have caught our attention.

We take turns posting the videos to our respective sites, but you can see all of the videos at Pura Vida Moms’ YouTube channel or by clicking on an episode below.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future episodes. Enjoy!

Episode 5: Beaches in Costa Rica

Episode 4: The Best Places in La Fortuna

Episode 3: Getting and Giving Directions in Costa Rica

Episode 2: Shopping in Costa Rica

Episode 1: Introduction: Who are Christa and Ryan?

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